Alta Technologies is your R2 Certified Partner providing responsible IT hardware solutions.

Independent audits confirm our commitment to responsible practices—minimizing environmental impact, protecting your data with secure erasure, and consistently meeting the highest industry standards. Thus, everyone involved can buy and sell with confidence.

How does R2 certification benefit you?

Have equipment to sell?

Looking for equipment to buy?

Secure a responsible and profitable exit for your used enterprise IT hardware. Our R2 certification guarantees secure data erasure, fair market pricing, and environmentally sound practices, minimizing risk and maximizing your organization's return on investment.

Reduce IT procurement costs and increase sustainability with our R2 certified enterprise-grade equipment, which offers significant savings compared to new models. Gain reliable hardware while minimizing environmental impact.

In today's data-driven world, responsible IT asset disposal is crucial. E-waste poses environmental hazards, and data security breaches can be costly.
R2 Certification is the gold standard for electronics recycling, ensuring environmentally sound practices and robust data security.


How does the R2 Certification help contribute to the circular economy?

A circular economy requires eliminating all waste at a systems level. For electronics, that means ensuring all devices are used as long as possible and then reusing components when whole devices can no longer be used. At the true end of life, a circular economy means recovering materials to become part of something new, whether a new electronic device or something entirely different.

Unlike e-waste management standards focusing only on end-of-life, R2 implements a circular hierarchy that requires reuse before recycling and then recycling instead of disposal. R2 also takes a whole-lifecycle approach to making electronics sustainable, considering all the various events that can happen to electronics, including returns, trade-ins, upgrades, and repairs, all the way to the end of life.

How do ISO and RIOS Standards fit within R2?

R2 focuses on achieving outcomes such as tracking how Focus Materials are processed throughout the entire recycling chain and ensuring electronics are sanitized of private and personal information. To ensure proper management of conformance to the R2 Standard, an environmental management system certification like ISO 14001, an occupational health and safety management system certification like ISO 45001, and a quality management system for proper testing of electronics in cases of reuse are required. RIOS combines all three disciplines into one integrated standard. By utilizing the management systems framework, R2-certified facilities are verified to have the policies and procedures in place, which, when combined with R2, achieve the outcomes needed for responsible reuse and recycling, resulting in electronics sustainability.

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