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Trusted ITAD, since 1995.

R2v3 Certified


Have drives that require wiping? Our validated data erasure practice offers peace of mind, with full custody and serialized certificates provided.

Why pay for getting rid of your enterprise IT assets, when we can offer top dollar for your excess tech and handle all of the logistics, too!

Alta prides itself on responsible IT Asset Decomissioning, setting standards for data sanitization and handling, logistics, and IT expertise.

As a reuse partner, know that your systems will get a second chance, while getting top dollar for your IT.



Our reuse focused practice will win you points with your sustainability team. As the highest form of recycling, reuse helps with those pesky scope 3 GHG measurements.

From our team's responsiveness, to pickup logistics, and our ability to provide certificates, we get the job done. We buy multiple packages and data centers each day.

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